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What types of cloth diapers is best for you?

If you start to learn about cloth diapers, you will realize quickly that the choice is wide, and several types of layers available to you. New parents sometimes have trouble finding it. Here are some tips that will help you better define your needs.

Flat cloth diapers

If your budget is a little tight or you do not want to invest $ 500 to fit you in cloth diapers, the flat layer is certainly the best option. We recommend starting set by Bummis (from $ 179), which included 18 or 24 cloth diapers and all the necessary accessories for a good start. Made from high quality materials to the workshop of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, the Bummis products are durable and easy to maintain choice. With this type of layers, you will have less odor problem with the front washers, and organic cotton will remain beautiful and durable even with a second child. So why is it cheaper than a set of pocket cloth diapers or all-in-one? Because the flat layer system allows you to reuse up to three times the waterproof cover, you just replace the diaper inside.

Cloth Diapers All-in-One

It is washable layer that is closest to the disposable diaper. No assembly, it is used in exactly the same way, without additional manipulation. It is the ideal choice for people looking for simplicity. The main disadvantage is that you can not separate the insert of the cover layer upon drying. With this type of layers, you should minimize the use of the dryer to avoid premature wear waterproof Pul, ideally there should be an amount of at least 24 layers. Some brands, thanks to press-studs, offer the ability to remove a portion of the absorbent portion.

Pocket cloth diapers

Similar to the cloth diaper All-in-one pocket layer requires one more step in handling. You must insert a two inserts inside the pouch. More versatile and usually less expensive than the layer all-in-one, it allows you to add or remove absorption age of your child. Also, as you can separate inserts, this type of layer is more suitable for those who use more the dryer.