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Wash and maintains your cloth diapers

You will find in this section a general maintenance guide applicable to cloth diapers. The washing instructions of some cloth diaper brands may differ from the proposed maintenance on this site. Refer to the owner's manual provided by the manufacturer at the time of purchase of your cloth diapers, important information related to guarantee you products may be present.

Before using your cloth diapers:

It is imperative to wash your cloth diapers prior to first use. New layers, especially those made from bamboo or hemp fibers, contain natural oils that diminish the quality of absorbation. Ideally you wash your two layers or three times before use, with a small amount of soap recommended for cloth diapers. Note that the layers can take up to 10 washes before they reach their full power of absorption.

How to wash cloth diapers soiled?

The conventional washers top loaders are ideal for the maintenance of cloth diapers because they use a lot of water. Certain frontal washers, because of their low-flow, can sometimes cause a bit more challenge to parents. If you believe that your front load washer lack of water, you can add two wet white towels with your load of cloth diapers. Ideally, you do not wash it more than twenty layers at a time.

The ideal cleaning cycle starts by rinsing with cold water, followed by washing with warm / hot water, and finishes with a final rinsing in cold water. As modern cloth diapers no longer require soaking, the first rinse removes the bulk of the urine and feces found in the layer. The final rinse ensures that there is no soap residue in the layer, which could reduce the effectiveness of the layer or cause diaper rash of problems for babies. For pocket cloth diapers, it is important to remove the inserts pockets before washing.

Ideally, the layers must be dried in the open air, especially with regard to the waterproof covers. In this way, they will remain effective longer. Too dryer to affect the sustainability of your cloth diapers. You can, against alternate occasionally with a low-temperature drying in your machine, which will reduce the stretching of tissues.

How to store soiled cloth diapers?

Most manufacturers recommend dry storage. Ideally you put your layers in a bucket to wash cloth diapers or waterproof bag.

The seal for cloth diapers can usually contain about twenty layers are sealed and can be combined with a fragrant pellet. Washing waterproof bag is usually more aesthetic and may also contain a score of cloth diapers. By cons, you may have to buy two since you will have to wash the same time as the layers.

If you have cloth diapers with Velcro fastening system, it is very important to fold it when removing the layer, otherwise you falsely, prematurely.

What detergent use with cloth diapers?

It is very important to use a recommended detergent for cloth diapers is the best way to store diapers in good condition and well cleaned. Why? Some soaps can damage cloth diapers, or may inherit fragile skin of babies. Soaps for cloth diapers do not create residues are phosphate-free brighteners, fabric softener or dye. It is essential to use the amount recommended by the manufacturer. Indeed, many believe that using a large amount of detergent will make the cleanest brewed but in truth, too much soap will cause residues in layers because you're not going to flush the excess detergent. Conversely, too little soap will not wash thoroughly. Occasionally, we recommend adding a recommended disinfectant cloth diapers with your detergent, such as the sanitizer Omaïki.

Some recommended detergents:

List of products do not use with cloth diapers

It is important to never use fabric softener, essential oils, bleach products, petroleum jelly or zinc cream with your cloth diapers. Zinc cream can be easily replaced with a compatible ointment, as Patatras !, sold in specialized shop.

You may occasionally replace the bleach with recommended products as percarbonate. Plus, enjoy the beautiful weather of the summer to extend your cloth diapers on the outside, naturally whiten stains!


  • Fold Always wash Velcro
  • Remove the insert pocket cloth diapers before washing
  • Wash with warm warm water with detergent recommended, and add a pre-rinsing and additional rinse your wash cycle
  • Limit the use of dryer, drying prefer outdoors
  • Do not use zinc cream, petroleum jelly, textile softener or bleach products
  • Store your dry layers in a seal or recommended wash bag
  • Refer to the manufacturer's maintenance manual before the first use and check the warranty conditions.